Assessment of the quality of resources
Assessment of the quality of resources

Assessment of the quality of Sustainability Resources for inclusion on AVA website:

To try to ensure that links and resources on the AVA website are unbiased, do not inadvertently seek to advertise and are of acceptable quality each resource will be assessed as follows:

1. Published in a recognised peer reviewed journal within last 5 years

Yes > immediate acceptance of abstract and full text link where open access

No > got to question 2

2. Resource seminal (very important to field) OR contemporary (within last 5 years)

Yes > go to question 3

No > out of date material will not be included unless of specific historical value

3. Any reference to marketing specific equipment or expertise?

Yes > reject subject to further scrutiny to ExCom or members thereof

No > proceed to question 4

4. Author recognised as appropriately qualified to comment on this area

Yes > proceed to question 5

No > investigate author credentials and conflicts of interests and report to ExCom (then go to 5 if appropriate)

5. Visual and content quality acceptable and consistent with global opinion (climate change denying material will immediately be rejected)

Yes > ACCEPT and forward to webmaster for inclusion