Anaesthesia records & checklists

The AVA have produced patient safety checklists  and general anaesthesia recording charts for use prior to and during anaesthesia. These resources are recommended by the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme.

GA record sheets have also been designed and trialled, incorporating pre and post operative monitoring sheets and a checklist.

Two versions are available – a basic chart suitable for shorter procedures and low risk patients, and a more comprehensive chart for higher risk patients and more advanced monitoring. The GA records incorporating a checklist can be downloaded here.

The AVA has also developed recommended requirements when performing general anaesthesia of cats, dogs and horses. The aim of the document is to inform people about the minimum requirements to perform safer anaesthesia in these species.

The requirements have been translated from English into a number of different European languages forming a valuable resource for veterinary practitioners across Europe.

Many thanks to Paul Coppens for his help with this initiative.