RCVS VN schedule 3 proposal

Published by December 12, 2015 3:22 pm

Proposed RCVS changes relating to RVNs and anaesthesia

The RCVS held a meeting in June regarding the possibility of widening RVNs role in anaesthesia under supervision. This meeting was attended by members of the Standards committee, Vet Nurse council and relevant third parties (stakeholders), including the AVA. The meeting was to gain initial feedback from the stakeholders and to be followed by written feedback in time for the next Standards Committee meeting.

The proposal is to amend schedule 3 of the veterinary surgeons act to allow RVNs to be involved with all aspects of anaesthesia under supervision.

On behalf of its membership the AVA ExCo responded in writing. The AVA recognises that UK RVNs are professionally regulated and required to work within the boundaries of their skills, which includes RVNs that have achieved further training and qualification in veterinary anaesthesia. Therefore the AVA remains in support of the widening of the UK RVN role in anaesthesia, when under suitable supervision and where appropriate training has been sought. We feel there are situations where this will improve the standard of anaesthesia care. The AVA also highlighted ongoing concerns with the use of lay people in veterinary anaesthesia. The AVA has expressed a keen interest to remain involved in the RCVS process.

Following the submission deadline, the RCVS has held a further meetings evaluating the responses from the stakeholders. The full minutes of the VN council meeting are available for public viewing and can be found here and include the AVA’s response.

The AVA has not yet had a further response from the RCVS, but is continuing to closely follow the progress of the situation.

The AVA ExCo would like to highlight that some recent reporting of this situation in the veterinary press misrepresented the situation. We strongly urge our members to become familiar with the official documentation from the RCVS before responding to the journalistic reports.

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