Online survey about your anaesthesia residency programme (ACVAA or ECVAA)

Published by February 8, 2020 10:51 pm

Dear members,

You are being invited to take part in an anonymous on-line survey about your perceptions of your veterinary anaesthesia residency programme (ACVAA or ECVAA). 

Please only participate in this study if you have completed a residency programme of ACVAA or ECVAA

Before you decide whether to participate, it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve.

This study aims to explore, through an online questionnaire, the level of satisfaction and welfare of veterinary surgeons who have undergone training in an ACVAA or ECVAA-approved residency programme.  This study represents the first attempt to evaluate experiences during postgraduate training within the veterinary profession. This study hopes to identify factors that, with modification, may improve future training programmes.

Your participation will be much appreciated in helping us achieve these goals.

Please follow this link to the survey:

 We thank you in anticipation,

Hamaseh Tayari

Rita Mocci

Alex Dugdale

Study email address:


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