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Gianluca Bini


Hello, I'm Gianluca Bini, I graduated in July 2014 in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Perugia (Italy), my interest in anaesthesia started during my fourth year of studies, after the first few anaesthesia practical lessons I decided to start a four month undergraduate internship in anaesthesia and small animal surgery at the University of Perugia - Veterinary Teaching Hospital. After graduation I did a three month anaesthesia traineeship with Paolo Franci Dipl. ECVAA, while at the same time a three month anaesthesia traineeship at the Clinica Veterinaria Arcella in Padua, then I spent two months visiting both the small animal and the large animal anaesthesia departments at UPenn, and in the latest months I did an externship in small animal anaesthesia at the Vetsuisse Fakultät - Universität Bern. My plan is to continue my training with a residency in anaesthesia, at the moment I'm studying using the ECVAA and ACVAA reading lists, while doing an anaesthesia internship at the Dick White Referrals (UK).

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Dear members, welcome to the new SIG – Equipment! Other than the classic discussions about new and interesting equipment, I am also very glad to announce a new initiative to promote this Special Interest Gorup. I wrote a list of equipment that I think can be interesting to try and review. Video reviews of this equipment will be uploaded here and on the new “AVA Equipment Group” YouTube channel on a regular basis. Obviously I’m looking forward to having your help to expand the list with equipment that you think would be interesting to review.
You can notice that there is new and some not so new equipment on the list.  The reason is that this equipment list is not intended for very experienced veterinary anaesthetists only but also for veterinarians who are just approaching this important branch of veterinary medicine, and our video reviews may help them to buy the products that better fit their needs.”