Glasgow acute pain scale for dogs CMPS-SF

Published by June 4, 2018 7:18 am

Important notice for all users of the Glasgow acute pain scale for dogs CMPS-SF

As you know the full scale contains a mobility category and the total possible score for the scale is 24. However, if the dog cannot complete the mobility category for any reason the observer is instructed to miss that section and the maximum score is then 20. Intervention levels for analgesia are 5/20 or 6/24.

In a clinical trial where some dogs complete the full scale and others do not, there is a temptation to convert the scores to a decimal between 0 and 1 where 0 would be equivalent to zero pain and 1 would be equivalent to the maximum possible score on the CMPS-SF. Please note that this changes the measurement properties of the scale and may render the result invalid. Equally, where there is a mixture of mobile and non-mobile dogs, please don’t be tempted to omit the mobility category if the dog is mobile, as that will also affect the results.

On a different note, the dog and cat acute scales are free of charge for clinical use, but a commercial fee is levied when they are used for company marketing purposes or pharma sponsored clinical trials. Accordingly it would be much appreciated if you would draw this to the attention of companies who ask you to complete such work for them. They should contact www.newmetrica.comfor details.

Many thanks

Jacky Reid

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