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AVA Accredited CPD

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List of all courses already accredited by the AVA

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Course NameLocationDescriptionLink
Dechra Interactive Anaesthesia and Analgesia interactive case studiesDechra Academy - Online course
Advanced anaesthesia training for nursesDavies Veterinary Specialists, UKIn-house training
Critical care training for nursesDavies Veterinary Specialists, UK
Local Anaesthetic TechniquesOnline course - CPD solutionsalison@cpd-solutions.com
VASTA- Veterinary Anesthesia School for Technicians and Nurses
College of Veterinary Scientists, Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia ChapterAustralia and New Zealand
Introduction to Veterinary AcupunctureBonnie Wright; 16 hours online lectures, 24 hours on-site teaching
AniCura: Basic Veterinary Anaesthesia and AnalgesiaOnline course - On demandmathieu_raillard@yahoo.it
Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (Online Learning) MSc/PgDip/PgCert/PPDUniversity of Edinburgh, UKThe programme offers an opportunity to study for a postgraduate certificate, diploma, or master’s degree in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia. Alternatively, individual modules can be taken as a short course, or postgraduate professional development. The programme is taught entirely online and the MSc can be taken part-time over a period of 3-6 years. Alongside the core courses, students can choose from a range of elective courses, allowing them to tailor the programme to their own interests.https://www.ed.ac.uk/vet/studying/postgraduate/taught-programmes/veterinary-anaesthesia-analgesia
Referral Nurse Professional Development Programme (Anaesthesia and Analgesia)Linnaeus Group, UKvicky.fordfennah@linnaeusgroup.co.uk
Primary Care Nursing Anaesthesia courseLinnaeus Group, UKvicky.fordfennah@linnaeusgroup.co.uk
Ultrasound-guided Regional Anaesthetic TechniquesOn-Location Lectures, Case-Discussions & Practical Sessions
Vet PD
2023: Germany
2023: Sweden
Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anaesthetic Techniques for Small AnimalsOn-Demand Vet PD Webinar SeriesOnline Lecture Series:

This series covers the following 7 topics that have conveniently been split up into 2 ½-hour weekly sessions that cover:

  • Introduction to Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthetic Techniques

  • Stifle & Distal Pelvic Limb Surgery

  • Proximal Pelvic Limb Surgery

  • The Thoracic Limb

  • Epidural Anesthesia

  • Interfascial Plane Blocks & The Abdomen

  • The Trunk

Online Lecture Series – Elevate Your Anesthetic Practice with Dr. Khursheed Mama
Elevate Your Anesthetic Practice with Dr. Khursheed MamaOn-Demand Vet PD Webinar SeriesOnline Lecture Series:
Keeping the Calm: Optimizing Sedation Protocols - 120 min
Fact or Fiction? Breed Related Anesthesia Challenges - 100 min
Keep on Beating: Anesthetic Considerations for Cardiac Cases -     120 min
Online Lecture Series – Elevate Your Anesthetic Practice with Dr. Khursheed Mama
Equine General Anaesthesia - A Practical Guide from A to ZOn-Demand Vet PD Webinar SeriesOnline Lecture Series:
This well-structured and very practically oriented online lecture series has been assembled by 7 of the world’s top Equine Anaesthesiologists and covers general anaesthesia in private practice from A to Z. It aims to provide interns, new graduate vets and nurses/technicians with the knowledge and case-based foundations to competently manage the whole spectrum of general anaesthesia cases at private equine clinics/hospitals worldwide.
Online Lecture Series – Equine General Anaesthesia - A Practical Guide from A to Z
ISVPS Nurses Certificate/Veterinary Paraprofessional Certificate (NCert/VPPCert)Online or in-person modular course - Improve Internationalhttps://improveinternational.com/uk/coursedate/nursing-anaesthesia-online-learning/

ISVPS Advanced Nurses Certificate (NAdvCert)Online modular course - Improve Internationalhttps://improveinternational.com/uk/coursedate/advanced-certificate-in-anaesthesia-nursing/
Anesthesia from A to Z - The secret of an anaesthesiologistModular Zoom based course - Vet Akademos (Romanian)https://vetakademos.ro/etn/anestezia-de-la-a-la-z-ciclul-de-invatare-2023/
NCert/VTCert/VPPCert in Nursing Anaesthesia (Online)
OnlineOur Nursing Anaesthesia online learning programme has been developed to enable all veterinary nurses/ technicians and veterinary paraprofessionals access to our world-class teaching materials.

By studying part-time, at their own pace, this programme allows delegates to effectively manage their work-life balance while taking essential knowledge back to practice immediately.

During the programme, online sessions will cover:

  • The latest anaesthetic and monitoring equipment

  • The selection of key anaesthetic and analgesic agents

  • Techniques for safe anaesthesia

  • Effective analgesia in dogs, cats, equines and exotics

Delegate will have support and guidance from a Module Tutor who is a specialist in veterinary anaesthesia across 8 varied and interactive modules delivered over 8 months and a free Improve International Manual in Nursing Anaesthesia e-book.

Additional sessions allow delegates to develop their reflective skills and enable time for consolidation and revision of their learning.

The NCert qualification is awarded by the International School of Veterinary Post Graduate Studies (ISVPS)
NCert/VTCert/VPPCert in Nursing Anaesthesia (Attendance)Swindon, UKThe Anaesthesia Programme aims to increase confidence in this critical area of veterinary nursing.

During the year’s programme, lecture-based and dry-lab practical sessions will review:

  • the latest anaesthetic and monitoring equipment

  • the selection of crucial anaesthetic and analgesic agents

  • techniques for safe anaesthesia

  • effective analgesia in dogs, cats, equines and exotics

Delegate attend 2 consecutive modules at our Swindon venue every 3 months.

NAdvCert Advanced Anaesthesia NursingOnlineImprove Veterinary Education’s advanced nurse programmes are developed for veterinary nurses who wish to increase their knowledge and practical skills, progress their academic qualifications and gain recognition in their field.

Our advanced courses are the ‘next-step’ programmes for experienced veterinary nurses who want to move to more complex nursing cases and procedures. All our training venues provide you with top quality facilities and equipment to enable you to get the most from your learning. Those attending one of our nurse programmes can achieve an Advanced Nurse Certificate (NAdvCert) awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS). These qualifications will enable you to expand your knowledge and gain academic and peer recognition.

The Online Nurse Advanced Certificate (NAdvCert) and Veterinary Technician (VTAdvCert) Learning Programme in Anaesthesia covers more advanced topics. It aims to create links and connections within the veterinary anaesthesia community via monthly mentoring sessions.
Local Anaesthetic TechniquesEmail: courses@cpd-solutions.com

Telephone +44 (0) 151 328 0444.
Local anaesthesia is an under-used area of small animal practice and can be incorporated into many anaesthetic protocols that you will regularly carry out at your clinic. The advantages for your patients are huge. This highly practical course, accredited by the Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists, will help you to use local anaesthetic techniques effectively in your patients. You’ll leave this course with the confidence to perform each technique studied. First you’ll learn the theory, and then you’ll practise the techniques in hands-on sessions with the direct support of the course tutors.

What you’ll learn:

  • The very latest guidelines for pain management

  • Local anaesthetic techniques for orthopaedic, soft tissue and dental procedures that you perform in your practice

  • How to use nerve locators for specific techniques

  • How to use epidural and spinal anaesthesia in your patients

  • The opportunity to practise all techniques described

This course is relevant to vets and experienced nurses in first opinion practice as well as those studying for further qualifications in anaesthesia.

Course Tutors: Matt Gurney BVSc CertVA DipECVAA MRCVS Carl Bradbrook BVSc CertVA DipECVAA MRCVS