Crustacean Compassion Open Letter Request

Published by January 20, 2018 4:50 pm

As you may be aware, the government is currently holding a public consultation regarding a proposed Animal Welfare Bill (Sentencing and Recognition of Sentience). Question 7 seeks opinion on the definition of ‘animal’, and this definition will be applied not only to the proposed Bill but to the Animal Welfare Act 2006. This presents a fantastic opportunity for decapod crustaceans to now be appropriately recognised as sentient within UK legislation.


We have drafted an open letter to request for their inclusion within legislation, which we are sharing with eminent individuals who may have an interest in this issue, to give you the opportunity to officially support this request. We will then submit this signed open letter, along with our scientific case for support, for the Animal Welfare (Sentencing and Recognition of Sentience) Bill consultation which closes on the 31st January.


A copy of the open letter is attached, as well as our scientific summary.  You can also find more information on our website (, and can view the electronic copy of our public petition (


If you would be interested in signing our open letter, please add your details to it and return via email by Tuesday 23rd January. A final version incorporating any significant comments will be circulated for approval on 25th January with a tight turnaround.

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