AVA Meetings
  • Chronic pain and centralised pain mechanisms: Old and new therapies

    This event outlines existing pharmacological therapies, new physiotherapy interventions and the introduction of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTSM) as a treatment for chronic pain.

    October 4 @ 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm at Royal Society of Medicine
  • Symposium on Clinical Pain Trials in Europe (SOPATE2017)

      The Symposium on Clinical Pain Trials in Europe (SOPATE2017) will take place 25-26 October 2017 in London, UK. More than 100 million people in Europe suffer from chronic pain and there is little agreement on what medications are helpful. One reason for this is that clinical trials remai...

    October 25 - October 26 at
  • AVA Autumn Meeting 2017 Berlin

    The AVA 2017 Autumn meeting will be held in Berlin, Germany. Full details are now available on the AVA Berlin website.

    November 9 - November 11 at
  • AVA Spring Meeting Grenada, Caribbean 2018

    The Spring 2018 Meeting will be held on the Caribbean Island of Grenada. Further details to follow

    11th March 2018 - 13th March 2018 at
  • 13th WCVA 2018

    The 13th WCVA will be held in Venice, Italy

    24th September 2018 - 28th September 2018 at