Anaesthetic records & safety checklists

Published by January 9, 2016 9:50 am


The AVA have produced a patient safety checklist and general anaesthesia monitoring records for use during the peri-anaesthetic period. The RCVS Practice Standards Scheme recommends these resources and both are available to download for use in your practice.

The AVA Safety Checklist and Implementation Manual were developed and designed as a framework and set of tools to help ensure that critical safety actions are performed to avoid the risk of significant avoidable harm that can occur during the anaesthetic process. It is our belief that each of us has the responsibility to do as much as possible to ensure that our patients are kept both safe and comfortable, and by using the checklist with a number of recommended procedures, this should assist in achieving this goal.

The AVA Safety Checklist should be used in conjunction with the Implementation Manual and can be downloaded here.


The AVA GA monitoring records have been designed, with AVA member Asher Allison, and trialed for ease of use in practice. Two versions are available – a basic record (‘Low ASA Status’) suitable for shorter procedures and lower risk patients, and a more comprehensive record (‘High ASA Status’) for higher risk patients and more advanced monitoring. The Low ASA status monitoring record also incorporates the AVA safety checklist for practicality. The AVA strongly advocates using a well designed GA monitoring record for every patient, as not only does it form part of the legal patient record, it is also essential to ensure accurate handover of patient information, but provides prompts to avoid missing critical steps in the anaesthetic process.


The GA monitoring records have been designed so that you can personalise them for your own practice. This functionality will require Adobe® Reader® to work (desktop version not the mobile app) click here to be redirected to Abobe. The form can be personalised in two ways:

  1. Add practice name
    1. Highlight ‘Veterinary Practice Name’ at the top of the record, delete and replace with your own practice name
  2. Insert your practice logo
    1. Click on ‘insert logo here’ at the top of the record and then select the image you wish to use when prompted

The record can then be saved and/or printed for future use.


The AVA GA monitoring records can be downloaded here.


The Executive Committee would like to thank the AVA members who contributed to the development of these documents for their hard work.

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